a few of my favorite things

Tickets to the show can be purchased here and shows run through Sunday, February 12th

The Sound of Music is in town and I was able to go see it opening night. My thoughts are below...

Let's get this out of the way: it's impossible to see this show and not think of Julie Andrews the entire time. Every time the character of Maria was on stage, it was somewhat jarring to realize that Julie was not on stage singing, dancing, and  twirling all over Austria. In that sense, the show never grabbed me like the movie because the iconic roles weren't being filled by their particular actors. The Sound of Music just isn't the same without Julie....  

The cast of the show was tremendously gifted, though! But nothing can compare to the warmth and chemistry of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Nothing. But once you realize nothing compares to the original cast, it becomes easier to accept the show for what it is....

....and what is this show? In my opinion, it's a beautiful adaptation that we didn't really need. Maybe I'm too loyal to the film (which I've loved since I was ten) and maybe I'm just not a big fan of people adding new songs to a perfect soundtrack (which this show did a few times) but for whatever reason, this show never really got a hold of my heart. It wasn't bad by any means but it wasn't the original either. 

But in the spirit of the show, here are some of my favorite things:

the wide age range of the audience: it's a great show for families! It was a full house when I attended and much of the audience was under sixteen....going on seventeen - ahahaha. 

the interaction between cast and audience: you know in the film when the family escapes shortly after performing at that Austrian music festival? In the play, the Nazi's begin searching for the family and shine their lights into the audience. For a moment, it felt like we (the audience) were in the movie and that felt really interactive in a way I hadn't foresaw.

That Reverend Mother could singggggg: I could have listened to here sing about edelweiss all night long. 

If you like the movie, you'll like the play, too. In fact, you'll love it! Just before the curtains fall, you need to remind yourself Julie Andrews isn't coming and that everything will be a-okay.