What They Wore to Horizon Line

On an unseasonably warm Wednesday morning, Liz and I snuck on over to Horizon Line to see what people were wearing. I always enjoy seeing how folks express themselves with clothing and I've noticed the patrons of HLC can really rock an outfit. Here's what we saw. 

All photography by Liz. p.s. I totally inspired by this piece from the Times.



That's a giant scarf! Do you ever use it as blanket? Yeah, it's super handy on long plane rides.

Tell me about your winter ensemble. Layers. I pile on scarves and I'm somehow always searching for that one ratty glove. I'm like to wear cute shoes, but I also want to avoid, like, freezing off my ankles. Basically, during the the winter, I try not to look like the little boy from A Christmas Story who falls in the snow and can't get back up. 

Literary suggestions. The last good book I read was probably Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell. It's about stepping into your light as a human and asking your soul questions about how it operates inside of the world. 



You have such a specific sense of style. No one else could pull off your look! (Laughing) Thank you! I used to call it "small punk child" because I'm a small human who tries to have the imagination of a kid and the style of a punk kid. But over the past few years, my style has evolved and it's somewhere between 90's brightly-colored street-style and a little rock n' roll. 

On repeat. My favorite record of the year is Bleacher's Gone NowJack Antonoff (the man behind the stage-name) makes "happy songs that you dance to." They're anthems about grief and love, and they feel honest, but also hopeful. Nearly six months after its release, I still listen to it regularly. 



What was the last good move you saw? It was called Okja. Nam describes it as "vegan propaganda," but he's the one who wanted to watch it, so it's kind of ironic. (Laughing) If I describe the plot it will end up sounding absurd.   

Your personal aesthetic I don't really have one. I own, like, two pairs of pants. The jeans I'm wearing right now are my wife's. (Laughing) 



Describe your aesthetic. You seem to favor flannel. I would say I'm an old soul who wants to be a wannabe hipster. Honestly, I just like to be comfortable. (Laughing)

Literary suggestion. It's called Man and His MeasureIt's a collection of essays and poetry about the characteristics of a man in the 1930's and 1940's.

Why do you enjoy working here? I'm all about the conversations that come up while we're crafting the drinks. 



Describe your aesthetic I read once that having a "personal uniform" was akin to asserting yourself as the protagonist in your own story. I don't have a uniform yet, but I tend to favor black skinny jeans and my denim jacket. And since I live in the Land of the Polar Vortex, I bought this parka from Abercrombie and - let me tell you - it's crazy warm. The hood is so insulated that I have a hard time hearing people when I'm wearing it. Ha!

On repeat Taylor's new album is stellar. When I listen to her songs, it feels like I'm getting a glimpse into her private life. It's fun to try and guess who the songs are about and all that, but she's smart enough to never be too on the nose. Her songs feel personal, but they're still universal. 



Last good TV show you watched? The second season of Stranger Things! That first season was so great and season two just expanded it. My favorite character is Lucas

You kind of look like a cool, hip pirate. Tell me about your personal style. It's evolving. In Chicago it was much more street style, but then I was kind of stuck with this outdoorsy/hipster look. Now I think I'm just slowly starting to look like a hippie.



Nice dreads! Are they hard to keep up? I've had them since January and they're so easy. Zero maintenance. 

Describe your look to me. I'd call it "high fashion thrift." It's Kim K. meets Salvation Army. Yeezy meets Corruption Fest. 

Do you enjoy Midwest winters? They make you tough! And they guarntee that you have something really good to complain about for five months. (Laughing)