are you hiring?


In the past, I've discussed how this site is basically my portfolio. In that spirit, I'd like to ask a question. 

Are you hiring?

I know it's a strange thing to ask on a blog, but I also know the Internet is where we all go for our information. It's where we go to find a job, to hire a new employee, or to learn a new trade or skill. If you're over a certain age, you may think I'm being lazy by asking this question of my audience. But if you're under a certain age, you at least understand why I'd try.

To be clear, I've been submitting my application to different places around town. I'm not necessarily expecting this one post to generate a job for me, but it doesn't hurt to put another iron in the (digital) fire, right?

Over the past year, I worked with two Des Moines institutions via two internships - one with Des Moines Social Club and another with Des Moines Performing Arts. I learned so much between both (communication, organization - the list goes on and on) and I've fallen even more in love with our city and its generous opportunities. 

I love the written word, telling a story through social media, creating unique experiences, and connecting people to one another. I'm not sure where all of these talents intersect, but there must be someplace where these passions fuse together to form something meaningful. 

Resume available upon request. K? Thanks for reading. I'll update you as this jounrey contiues.