what I learned from my life coach


How this all happened is honestly the weirdest story.

Oh Joy is a blog based out of Los Angeles that I honestly only read occasionally. Last year, Joy (the blogger) shared her life coach helped her overcome some creative issues and at the end of that post she offered readers a chance to win two free hours with that coach. I entered the contest (why not?), didn’t win (oh well!), and that was that. I forgot about the whole thing until three weeks ago when, while standing in the Target parking lot, I noticed the life coach had emailed me.

I assumed it was spam, but I opened it just to see what sort of spam it was (I know, weird of me) but I’m glad I did it! Her email basically said that A) my application stood out to her and B) she wanted to know if I’d still be interested in a free two hour session?

Strangest. Thing. Ever.

I wasn’t sure what to expect (how does one prepare for a session with a life coach via webcam?!) but I went into the session with a very open mind and meager expectations. I figured it couldn’t do any harm spending two hours with someone who wanted to help me grow, but I understood that the chances of anything coming from it were very low.

We ended up splitting it into two sessions and it was unbelievably helpful. The insights she helped me to uncover are actively changing the way I engage with the world. The main piece of insight was my belief that “doors are opening for me” as opposed to “I am opening these doors for myself”. I realized that I thought that all of my recent opportunities had nothing to do with me or my work, like, it was all happenstance.

Everything started to restructure itself in my mind when I understood that I’m the one opening the doors. I’m the one making waves in my own life and the jobs, connections, and adventures that I encounter aren’t happening to me, rather, they’re happening because of me. With me, even!

There’s so much more that occurred throughout the two sessions but the bottom line is that I understand my own power now and believe that my abilities and talents are strong enough to help produce the life that I want. It all feels very, very possible now. I will open more doors!