this is just a short life update


The title says it all.

Last year I worked at Des Moines Performing Arts and loved it. There was the possibility that my position would evolve into something long term but, alas, it didn’t work out. It wasn’t necessarily an internship, but that’s really what it ended up becoming. It was a bummer when it all ended.

I often fluctuate between wanting to forge my own path and wanting someone to give me a map. I love being an entrepreneur, but sometimes I wish that I had a boss who could tell me X, Y, and Z. I never talk about it on here, but I work part-time at a local library and it can wear on me due to its slow moving nature. I’ve known for awhile that I need to work someplace with more energy. I worked at Starbucks for FIVE YEARS and have come to miss that constant interaction with customers, so I decided to apply for a position at St. Kilda’s new location downtown.

Alex and Whitney Hall (the owners) are stellar people with a lot of vision for the community and their culinary empire is growing so fast — I’m honored to represent the brand. I start next week and I’ve already become friends with some of the staff (pictured above are Pattie and TJ, two awesome individuals who will be managing the space).

Here’s to new beginnings! I now live (and work) downtown. City living ain’t that bad at all!