the studio dinner

Around the Table is gearing up for our next event and for the very first time, we’ll be setting up our table in the Highland Park neighborhood.

Our venue is the historic Waterhouse Studio and we’ll have not one, but two chefs working on the menu! We’ll also have handcrafted floral designs from local artist, True Vine.

I’m especially invested in this event because I just finished this book by Priya Parker and it has challenged me to infuse our gatherings with more meaning and more purpose. If you haven’t read Parker’s book, I really encourage you to! Especially if you lead meetings, conferences, or gatherings on a routine basis.

Ticket info can be found by clicking here. We’d love to have you at the table! After attending Outstanding in the Field’s event earlier in the week, I’m more sure than ever of the table’s power to connect people to one another.