my side project: around the table

all photography by Liz Brown 

I love this site, guys! It has been an incredible outlet for me over the past few months and I'm really looking forward to more content and new features in 2017. I look at my metrics often and it's so cool to see so many of you checking in throughout the week. I appreciate it! *fist pumps all around*

But this site isn't my only creative outlet, I have one more....

A few years ago I started hosting these small dinner parties with friends and family. I wanted a way to connect with people that didn't involve going out to a restaurant. Plus, it felt like I often met cool people at wedding receptions or concerts, but there wasn't time at the event to really get to know them. So I started Around the Table. 

It started small, but grew fairly quickly and now we're working on our next event that will be held on Saturday, January 21st. And guys: we'll be eating on a rooftop! I'm so pumped. While the whole concept may sound kind of odd, it's not at all. Trust me.

The goal of these dinners is to connect you to your city and the people living in it. While the meal is incredibly important (our chef is phenomenally gifted) I think what will resonate the most with you is the connections you'll find at the table.

Our team really believe there's something special about sharing a meal with folks. You may come to the table as strangers, but you'll end up leaving as friends. I guarantee it.

Interested in attending the next dinner? Shoot us a message at and one of our gracious team members will be in touch with you. Space is limited! Will you join us?