Say Hello to....Des Moines City Ride!

flier design by Ashley Reddish

flier design by Ashley Reddish

I'm really excited to announce my first event/collaboration is going to be with Des Moines City Ride

The ride's founder Andrea Metzler (who I spoke with a few weeks ago here) reached out to me when I first started and inquired about the possibility of planning a bike ride for the group to ride. I know NOTHING about bikes and decided that even though it was a cool opportunity, it wasn't really my scene.

But then she told me that if planning a route didn't seem doable, I could instead organize an after-party. Folks, that I can do!

On Monday, June 27th, I'll be hosting a little shindig over at my favorite Des Moines shop - Domestica. There'll be food (prepped by one of my very favorite chefs) as well as henna from local artist, Rayna Gasteiger. It will be rad! Truthfully, if I wasn't hosting, I'd be attending! 

If you're part of City Ride, I'd love to meet you! So come on down and hang with us. I've never hosted something like this before - it's all new to me - but I can promise it'll be a good time and you'll leave with a newfound appreciation for Des Moines. Plus, this is just a good way to kick off the work week.

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