Skyler Prenosil of Clzn

Have you seen the Duh Moyn apparel around town? I started seeing the stuff pop up on my Instagram feed a few months ago and I was really curious about who was behind it.

I did some digging and found the person behind it all is a guy named Skylar Prenosil. The idea for "Duh Moyn" popped into his head one night back in 2015 and as they say, the rest is history. Photography is courtesy of Liz Brown

Tell me about your business. (Pro-tip: it's spelled CLZN and pronounced "Collision")

The Duh Moyn line started back in August 2015. I wasn't trying to make a "Des Moines product," but I had this idea and I thought it worked well. I don't tend to overthink things, so if it feels like a good idea, I usually go with it. Clzn has been a really fun outlet to work through. Besides he Duh Moyn apparel line, we do a lot of custom designs and screen-printing.

My best friend. Luis, works for me full-time and it's great to be working with someone who I really trust. Luis' doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work and I really appreciate him taking on that responsibility.

Where did you learn to screen-print?

I feel in love with that whole process back in high school. Shout out to my teacher Tim Rice, who taught me all of his ways. He was a super talented dude! I took his screen-printing/graphic design class back in the day.

It was such a cool opportunity to take that class, dude! It was just a room full of computers and printers, plus another room for the screen-printing. It was weird because no one was really using the screen-printing room, so I was in there learning the ins and outs of the equipment and everyone else was just on Facebook. (Laughing)

Have you always considered yourself to be an artist? 

I don't really classify myself an artist, I think of myself as more of an entrepreneur. Maybe I won't be doing t-shirts in a few years, you know? I don't like to set a destiny for myself. My main goal is to create really "wearable art" for people.

There's definitely days when I don't feel inspired, but we all have those days, right? We make things too complicated and I think a lot of the time inspiration is right in front of us. It took awhile, but I came to this place where I didn't want to hide my work away from people anymore and I decided to start putting things out there for people to see.

How did you move from knowing you needed to put your work out there to actually putting it out there?

Somebody will always like what you're putting out there and somebody will always dislike what you're putting out there. But I think the idea you need to hold onto is that someone WILL like what you're doing.

I read this book called Steal Like an Artist and it was super inspiring for me. It's about inspiration and taking different ideas and making them into your own. I never read, but that book got me stoked.

I always ask people what they think about Des what are your thoughts on our city?

There's so much love in this city right now, it's awesome. Plus, there's such a cool art movement happening right now and I don't know if everyone's aware of that fact and they should be. Even though my dream is to live on a van near the beach, it would be very hard to move away from this city. So much love. This will always be home.