three links

One thing I miss about my old blog - not going to link to it because it's old and embarrassing - is that I had a variety of content, including links to stuff I'd read elsewhere. So I'm going to restart that by posting links every week to things I've read online that resonated with me or just made me laugh. Enjoy!

1. I really enjoyed this interview with Adele in Vanity Fair. In it she discusses how she's annoyed by people's cellphones at her shows. She says, "10 years ago, no one had their phones out. I'd go onstage to people. Now I go onstage to 18,000 phones." 

2. I think Joanna over at Cup of Jo is creating some of the Web's best, most original content. Case in point: this article about becoming a regular at a restaurant. The comments are even better than the article! 

3. Did you watch Stranger Things and do you like Christmas? if the answer is yes to both questions, this mashup should be right your festive alley.