monthly distractions

Hope your week was rad! Signing off a bit early because of the holidays. Enjoy your family and your food and your naps. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Links after the jump.

1. "Once a women asked to leave her baby at the coat check." This article about waiters at high-end dinner gatherings was both hilarious and terrifying. 

2. Another article I enjoyed from the Times is this one about John Mayer's obsession with wristwatches and how people are craving experiences that aren't universal in nature.

2. I've been enjoying some classes over at Skillshare. This one I've almost completed and it's been really enjoyable. I wonder if education will become less important with the rise of online learning?

3. Trippy beautiful

4. Katy Perry and H&M teamed up to do an ad just in time for the holidays. Wish this song was available to purchase! It's so catchy. You'll be singing it the rest of the week, trust me. 

5. Would you consider adopting a capsule wardrobe? Since many of us will undoubtedly receive clothes this holiday season, it's something worth considering. Plus, there's something about being able to say I only own four shirts that just sounds SO COOL.

gif via  Tumblr

gif via Tumblr