a new direction

This site has officially existed for one year. And what a crazy, wild ride it has been! The fact that it's almost May is causing me to ask very deep, probing questions such as: is my life truly meaningful? Should I learn to play piano? Will I ever live in New York City? Should I be embarrassed by how often I hangout at Starbucks? There's just so many important questions.

On this anniversary of sorts, I wanted to talk about the site and where it's headed. For a few months now, I've felt that I've wanted to move things into a different direction - less interviews, fresher content, and more of (Evan Olson's) heart. It's going to take me a little bit of time to determine how to change things around and that's why I've decided to take a break.

When I first started, I wanted to interview people in Des Moines who were making a difference in the community and tn that sense, I accomplished what I set out to do. And while I've enjoyed meeting new people and hearing about their projects, I'm wanting more out of this site and maybe you do, too. 

The break will take place over the next couple of months, giving me ample time to gather new ideas, restructure some content, and meet with potential permanent contributors. In the meantime, you can keep up with me on Instagram. Just to be clear: I'm not quitting, but I do think there's something to be said for taking time off to hone in on your artistic vision (if it worked for Adele, it's good enough for me!)

THANK YOU to the thousands who have spent time reading what I've written so far. I'm humbled you've chosen to check in with me every week. The site will be back with new content after the summer is done. Until then, go say hello to the city for yourself. 

p.s. reference my guide to Des Moines on Design*Sponge if you're new to the city.