Q&A with Maren Morris

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Maren Morris is Nashville's latest female powerhouse. With a Grammy win this past February, she's now heading out on tour with fiancé, Ryan Hurd, in support of her debut album. They'll be in town this Saturday and you can purchase tickets here. We talked earlier this month about her career and where she keeps her Grammy...

edited for length and clarity 

I read in an interview with Rolling Stone that your publisher kept sending back songs you'd written for other artists because they were "so uniquely you." How did that feedback challenge you to go out on your own? 

Well, at first I didn't understand the feedback because I loved the songs that I was turning in. But then it began to sink in that what they were really saying was, "These songs are great, but we can't picture anyone but YOU singing them." Once I realized that's what they were saying, it gave me more confidence to put my name on the songs I was writing. 

I'm really thankful for my journey, though, and that I was a songwriter long before I was an artist. Before I was comfortable putting my own work out into the world, I think I needed that time to become a better writer.

Tell me about living in Nashville and how it keeps you inspired as an artist.

Obviously, all of my friends and fellow artists keep me inspired. I'm always on the hunt for new music and new sounds. There are so many talented people in this city and that keeps things fresh - there's never a drought when it comes to inspiration.  

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Going on tour must be exhausting, but I imagine it also provides space for you to connect with fans on a deeper level.

What does it feel like getting on stage knowing everyone is there to see and hear you?

When you're starting out as songwriter, there's no one there seeing you write your songs. So headlining a string of my own shows and knowing that people are spending their hard-earned cash to see me perform - that all makes me feel very lucky. 

Touring can be hard, but I do feel like I've found a balance between my personal life and my career. But it's definitely work to keep that balance and there's sacrifices to make. I'm not home as much as I'd like to be and I haven't been back to my hometown in Texas in awhile, but I think I've finally found a little bit of a rhythm. 

I have to ask: where do you keep your Grammy?

I actually have a space upstairs, it's a little walkway with shelves for plaques and trophies. It's not like the first thing you see when you walk into the house - I feel like that would be weird - but it's definitely on display. It's just not right there when you walk in. (Laughing)