Hinterland 2017: Hinternotes


While sitting beneath a lavender sky and enjoying temperatures below eighty degrees, you got the feeling Mother Nature herself was conspiring to make Hinterland extraordinary. She did good. While listening to the Head and the Heart, I jotted down some notes...

all photography courtesy of Liz Brown

  • People are being polite with everyone, including the older folks driving the shuttle buses between Southridge Mall and the festival grounds. I feel like if your guests are polite with the bus drivers, it's a sure sign your event is attracting the right kind of people.

  • If Rivendell were a real place and if Elrond decided to host a music festival, it would have the same rural ambiance as Hinterland. There's a kind of magic in the air that's hard to describe, but I'll always remember seeing the purple skies hanging above the forest treetops. 

  • 80/35 is cool and everything, but Hinterland is where our Midwestern charm really shines. The organizers have really embraced what the Midwest is and what it's about. It's become one of the strengths of this festival: showing off what Iowa can really be if you look past the endless acres of corn. Truly, if you build it, they will come. 

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