Latest Netflix Obsession

I really enjoy learning about different people's creative process and how they go about crafting their specific works of art. Shows like Chef's Table and films like Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens are constantly on rotation in my apartment. Somehow seeing their processes and learning about their perspective makes me feel less alone in the world as an artist.

Now there's another show on Netflix that is sparking ideas in my head, a documentary series entitled Abstract: the Art of Design. Even though it premiered just a few days ago, I'm already fairly obsessed and telling all my friends and coworkers about it. I can't help it! Whenever I find something worth sharing, I tend to share it with EVERYONE. 

My favorite episode so far focused on stage designer, Es Devlin. You know all those concerts with spectacular set designs? They were probably dreamed up by her. For instance, she was the brains behind Beyonce's cubical screens that you see above. I always thought they looked kind of spiritual/diabolic, don't you think?

In an interview with the New Yorker last year, Es talked about how she sees herself creating memories for her audience, "I do all this work and nothing physical remains. What I’m really designing are mental structures, as opposed to physical ones. Memories are solid, and that’s what I’m trying to build.” 

If you for some reason need to be persuaded further, check out the trailer for the show here. I'm already eager for season two.