Local Sites to Check Out

There's been quite a few local blogs popping up over the last couple of months. I thought I'd do a little rundown of the ones I think are worth checking out. 

Erika Veurink's site focuses on essays, book reviews, and interviews with a wide array of her friends. She wrote the first post in my #midwestomanhattan series and I've been a devout reader ever since. Her writing tends to go deeper than most sites and I admire that greatly.

I know I talk about Pleasant St. quite a bit, but it's just so good! I feel like this is the premier lifestyle blog in Des Moines. Emily has good taste in EVERYTHING, travels often with her husband, Zach, and readers often swoon over their Sherman Hill apartment. I first stumbled upon her because of this post and the rest is history. 

Life on Cherry Hill is a really recent discovery. On her site, Aly Carroll documents her family's move from the suburbs to a 20-acre farm. There's definitely "Chip and Joanna vibe" here that's sure to resonate with viewers of Fixer Upper, but Aly is also a gifted writer/photographer and that makes it feel more distinct than it needs to be. Can't wait to see where this one goes! 

Ben Milne writes on Ben Milne. Makes sense, right? Ben founded Dwolla and also helps run the local online-journal Clay & Milk. His writings muse on all sorts of things, from technology, introversion, and the power of "showing up." His the sole dude on this list, so extra props to him for that honor.

Finally, there's My Midwest is Showing. Now, this site isn't based out of Des Moines, but it's overall aesthetic is Midwest to the core. Sammy has become an online comrade and I'me sure someday we'll be friends IRL. Until then, I have her site. 

(Photo one courtesy of Erika Veurink, photo two courtesy of Anna Hudson, photo three courtesy of Jen Golay via Life on Cherry Hillphoto four courtesy of Inc., and photo five courtesy of My Midwest is Showing).