I don’t know how to pronounce it, but you should definitely visit Albesila while it’s here in Des Moines.

Remember a few years ago when that balloon-type structure popped up downtown? Well, this is part of that same series of work from a group called Architects of Air. Someone was asking me to describe it today and, honestly, it’s best to just go see it without any prior expectations because it could easily be over-hyped and leave you feeling wanting.

Albesila is bigger than the one that came last time, with my sister and I noticing that the layout causes you to lose your sense of direction. We spent about half an hour wandering around the structure and while there isn’t anything to really do, per se, it does make you slow down and “smell the latex roses”, so to speak.

It’s open to the public 9:30am to 6:00pm through Sunday, October 7th. Advance tickets (with a designated entry time) are $15 and day of tickets are $5. All relevant info can be found here.