an essay i enjoyed

Erika Veurink's site is one of my favorite online spaces. Her observations are fresh and she never tries to emulate anyone else. She is who she is and her content reflects that.

She recently wrote a short essay about her ritual of taking a morning walk and I wanted to share a snippet below. Very rarely does someone's writing compel me to form a new habit, but this piece is making me seriously consider getting up early to enjoy some morning solitude. 

"Somewhere between spiritual practice and physical intention, exists my morning walks. My mom and aunt are both morning walkers-prone to slipping out the front door while the sky is mostly dark and before the house has stirred at all.

It was something I admired and never understood growing up. But I found a warmth in hearing the door click behind them and then slowly crack open about an hour later. When I started making morning walks a part of my daily rhythm, I felt a deep connection to my beloved matriarchs."

You can read the rest of the essay by clicking over to her site here. As the seasons begin to change here in the Midwest, it feels like the ideal time to grab a cup of coffee and head out into the city before it's awake. Will I find the courage to set my alarm for sometime before eight o'clock? I'm not sure, but this essay definitely helps make the idea seem less crazy.