around the table is back!

ATT-DMSC-Invite-v1.0_1200x2400 (1).jpg

As I wrote a few weeks ago, my passion project is back in business! Our next dinner is happening Saturday, April 28th at the Culinary Loft at Des Moines Social Club. Ticket and event info can be found here. I'm really excited to get back into the "hospitality groove." 

Lots of "full circle feelings" over here because I used to intern at at DMSC and now I'm hosting an event in one of their rental spaces. One of the reasons I enjoy hosting these dinners is because we get to see a different side of Des Moines. We rarely use proper venues, instead, we opt for places that feel unique and unexpected. 

We're working with a small group of spectacular local creatives, including art by Cassandra Monroe, styling by Megan Staker, photography by Liz Brown, and a killer menu by Lauren of Zestful Kitchen fame. It's an awesome team that's come together for this dinner and I'm really excited to see the final product. Honestly, we've been planning this for a couple of months and I just want to HAVE the event - haha. 

Only eight tickets remain, folks! Don't wait. We'd love to see you around our table.