season announcement


Des Moines Performing Arts has just unveiled their 18/19 Willis Broadway Season! The big news of the 17/18 season was that Des Moines snagged HAMILTON and this year, the big news is that we snagged DEAR EVAN HANSEN

HAMILTON is obviously this cultural juggernaut, so I was interested to see how we'd follow it up and it's gonna be such a great season! In addition to DEAR EVAN HANSEN, we have ALADDIN, HELLO DOLLY!, LOVE NEVER DIES, and SCHOOL OF ROCK. You can see the entire lineup (incuding add-ons) by clicking here.

I'm particularly excited to see ALADDIN because my mom saw it on Broadway and raved about it. Mom’s not really one to rave about something unless it's truly awesome, so I know I’ll adore it. I'm also looking forward to DEAR EVAN HANSE because it has my name in the title and I foresee it becoming a popular baby name in 2019. Duh.

As we prepared for this announcement, seeing the publicity machine working backstage has been a huge lesson in efficiency for me. Being here during the season announcement has helped me gain a better understanding into how organizations work and why a good team is truly priceless. 

Between my internship last year at Des Moines Social Club and working here at DMPA, I'm very honored to be in Des Moines at this time. I've had the good fortune to see our city from different vantage points and honestly, Des Moines looks so good from every single angle. We're hospitable to both the art and the artists, and I think that sets us apart.

Des Moines is a great place to call home and this kind of announcement is just another reason why I'm happy to live here. Ticket info and more can be found right here.

*photography by Liz Brown. Thanks, Liz!