how is the new job going?


I just wanted to give everyone a quick update about how things have been going at my new job....

Something I've noticed with my career path is that I often get to see "both sides of the coin." Here's what I mean: I've attended quite a few shows at Des Moines Performing Arts as a regular patron and now I'm able to attend them as someone who knows what's happening backstage. It has given me a lot of much-needed perspective and I really appreciate the chance to see how both sides operate.

I've been working here about a week and I've already met, like, thirty-five people. Well, in reality, it's more like I've shaken thirty-five hands, but I'll get to know everyone soon enough. Even though I've been here a short amount of time, I can already sense the inner workings of a strong, cohesive team. Making these productions run smoothly requires a lot of organization and this team is definitely organized. 

Last weekend I worked the press table for STOMP, which is pretty much just me standing at a table, waiting for members of the press to pick up their tickets. It may sound boring, but I think it's unbelievably fun. I'm a pretty social person and journalists tend to be fairly talkative, so it's really the perfect storm. It's basically just hanging out with conversational people......and then handing them complimentary tickets...everyone is very happy :)

Coming on board now, as opposed to later in the year, is a godsend. Hamilton arrives in late June and I can tell that all of the processes I'm learning now will really come in handy once that show arrives. The office is abuzz with all of the shows we're hosting this year, but Hamilton, in particular, is causing quite the stir. I don't think Des Moines has ever hosted something like it before and that excites me. I'm really determined to learn as much as I can before that show hits the stage. 

It's safe to say that I'm really, really enjoying this job so far. The marketing/publicity aspect feels somewhat like second nature to me and I'm curious what that may mean for the future. Plus, it's just fun attending all of these shows! This weekend I'm attending a screening of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - with a live orchestra from Des Moines Symphony. So, yeah, life is kind of magical right now. Okay, that's all for now. Talk soon!

p.s. cubicles are way less depressing than movies make them out to be! 

***the picture above (by Liz Brown!) has nothing to do with the subject matter of this post, but I like the picture and so I used it. the end.