pinterest came to town!


Last month I opened my inbox and saw an email from Pinterest.

They were interested in connecting to local pinners in the Des Moines area and so I suggested a couple of local businesses that utilized their platform well. Also, I made sure to tell them that Des Moines was pretty awesome and that they should come visit someday soon. Once I hit send I forgot all about it.

But then a few weeks later, I received a second email from someone else on staff who wanted to talk more in-depth. We scheduled a phone call and I spent a good half-hour rambling on about how I use Pinterest for the popup dinners. And that was that….

….but the story gets even more interesting (pinteresting?) because they ended up sending a team to Des Moines and I got to hang out with them. A group of fifteen of us (both employees and users) spent two hours at La Mie talking about all things Pinterest — what we liked, what we thought needed improved, and the reasons we used it.

As we talked with the team, they slowly introduced themselves and that’s when I realized who was sitting across from me — the founders of Pinterest! Ben and Evan were sitting right across from me, asking me questions and listening very thoughtfully to my responses. It was surreal/the most normal thing in the world. All in all, a very nice way to spend a Tuesday morning.

Afterwards, I was telling a friend about the meeting and she told me: “Evan, your life is so different than everyone else’s!” It made me laugh. While there are definitely times that life feels outrageous and spectacular, it’s not a constant thing. There are still times where I feel sad or lost, but every now and then, there are these serendipitous days that make me look up at the sky and ask, “Where’s all this going?”