around the table: looking ahead


This will be a short post.

Honestly, I don't have too much to say, but I want to have a record of what I'm thinking and feeling ever since the dinner at Des Moines Social Club.

I want to spend my life doing this sort of thing. What do I call this? Event planning doesn't feel big enough to encompass what it's I'm trying to accomplish. Mentally, I call it "experience creation" but try telling someone that's what you do in your free time. Ha! 

But that's what this is, it's about creating experiences for people. It's not just one thing, it's so many things: communicating with designers, coordinating with stylists, finding local photographers, and - uhhhhh - inviting potential guests. I enjoy the variety of this occupation/thing/dream and I'm flabbergasted when all the hard work comes together before my eyes.

Beth Kirby says if your business isn't making money than it's just an expensive hobby. Ouch, how true! I've had a difficult time getting this project off the ground and making it financially stable, but I'm so determined and so committed to getting it to that point. In a very dramatic (but truthful!) sense, I little part of me would die if I wasn't able to shepherd this idea to success. 

I believe in the table, in community, and in the power that those two things create when they're melded together. I'm not sure how to spend my life around the table, but I'm sure going to try.