seeing hamilton

Unless you're living underneath a giant countercultural rock, you're aware that Hamilton is in Des Moines for the next couple of week. This past Thursday, my mom and I went to see it together...

Theater is a strange beast because you can know the songs and the general storyline, but you can't just get up and see the show. Sometimes it's because it's only playing in particular places or because ticket prices aren't accessible, but whatever the reason may be, theater remains special and set apart from other forms of artistic expression.

Sitting in that auditorium and waiting for that oh-so-beloved show to start, I looked around and saw a wide array of ages, ethnicities, and genders. I can't think of many places where so many would gather for one specific purpose. It was a striking example of the power of theater and the atypical experience it provides to its guests. 

Did the show live up to the hype? I'm not sure how to answer that, honestly. The hype was enormous and the buzz was deafening, but the show itself was, truly, spectacular. But I'm surprised by the emotions it stirred in me; surprised that it was sadness and empathy that I felt, more than awe and wonder. The fervor of the songs was intense (and borderline frustrating at times) but the heartfelt moments resonated deeply with the audience. I heard lots of cheering throughout the show, but I heard just as much crying. 

Perhaps this is the most important show of our generation? I'm not sure and I hesitate to apply "most important" to any work of art. Rather, instead of rating this show or giving a thumbs up or down, I suggest you buy a ticket and go see it for yourself.

Our world is increasingly digital and that means true, original experiences are rare and worthy of being sought after. I've seen many musicals and attended many concerts, but this production stands out in my mind because of a few key moments and a few simple lyrics.

"It's quiet uptown."

"You will never be satisfied."

"It's only a matter of time...."

The show is here through July 15th and tickets are being released daily. And of course, there's the lottery for $10 seats.