thoughts on midwest fashion


I link to this site quite a bit, but it’s because Erika’s constantly churning out super quality content. This post on shopping responsibly has made me rethink my own habits as a consumer when it comes to buying new clothes.

Do I really need a new coat every winter? Probably not. I also probably don’t need the latest sweatshirt from HM when I could just purchase a simpler one from Everlane and have it last me the next four to five years, right?

The Midwest is funny when it comes to fashion, tying a bandanna around your neck or rocking a pair of Chelsea boots instantly make you “fashionable”. In any other part of the country, you have to try much harder, but Iowa especially is more laid-back. It takes less to stand out.

That being said, I’m interested in this idea of owning less and investing in a few key pieces that are of higher quality. Brands like Everlane, Filson, and even Madewell’s new men’s line are starting to catch my eye because their pieces seem to age gracefully. I believe that clothes are an extension of who we are and they can help reflect a certain sensibility, but I don’t believe that means we need to be spending X amount each month. I think we can project our preferred image and still have money in our bank accounts. I leave you with this quote from Erika,

“It’s not about legalism, but more about allowing the goods I invite into my life to match my personal style. This process brings me joy-finding designers, learning about their design and manufacturing process, and then investing my money in their vision.”