what does success look like for you?

I've been listening to Beth Kirby's new podcast nonstop because it prompts me to do some serious soul searching. At the end of an episode earlier this week, I asked myself this question: Evan, what does success look like for you?

My immediate thought was that success equaled becoming a millionaire, but I don't actually have a huge desire to be a millionaire. I'm not opposed to it obviously, but when I think about success it doesn't usually conjure up images of swimming in dollar bills. What does come to mind when I think of success? Well....

Whenever I think of being successful, I see myself traveling. A lot. Mexico City. Paris. Thailand. I just want to have a picnic sitting beside the Siene and I'll die a happy man. More importantly. I'll feel successful. So to start things off, success to me would be long trips to exotic places

Growing up, I heard stories about Elvis pulling up to car dealerships and buying people cars right on the spot. That type of unmuzzled generosity is something I'd love to possess. I'm already pretty generous, but how fun would it be to, say, pay off my parent's house or take my friends to Cancun every few months? The ability to be extravagantly generous is another sign of success. 

All the design blogs I read show these living rooms with unbelievable, trendy, photogenic furniture.  Personally, I like this and this. If my apartment is one day filled with leather sofas and cozy chair with fur blankets hanging off the back, I'll feel weirdly successful. This is kind of materialistic, but some of you understand.

I think it's good to know what success means to you personally. It's hard to aim for something if you don't have a firm target in mind, you know? Success looks different to each of us, but now I know what it means to me: travel, generosity, and a really good couch