introducing off menu


I’m obsessed with the food world. I once drove up to Minneapolis just to eat a meal prepared by Grant Achatz. I have a chef crush (new term, you’re welcome!) on Samin Nosrat. The Bon Appetit’s test kitchen is a familiar sight to my eyes.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I tend to throw open a cookbook, peruse the recipes, and then cook something that I’ve found within the pages. Working with my hands calms me down and the nourishment from preparing a meal isn’t merely physical, but spiritual, too.

I’m online often — too often — and soon I’m going to take a break from social media. With the abundant amount of free time that’s in my future, I’ll need some sort of project to occupy myself. While I love this site, I need a fresh space to create and be inspired. So I’m starting something new.

My new site is going to be called Off Menu. It will feature local chefs and their favorite dishes. I’ll ask them a couple of questions, my photographer friends will snap a couple of shots, and then we’ll all eat together. It will be part interview, part photo essay, and part dinner. Basically, all the best things in life, served together in a single dish.

Doors open in early summer 2019. Walk-ins are welcome. Stay tuned.