restaurant week 2019

Des Moines Restaurant Week starts this Friday! From August 16th to August 25th, you can enjoy two lunches or one three-course dinner for just $28. Here’s a roundup of the places I plan to try…

Flavory Bistro is a local gem that not everyone knows about it because it’s located in Ankeny, which to many people in Des Moines is basically another continent. But Flavory is worth the drive! It’s one of my favorite places to grab lunch (their lamb and beef gyro is just wow!) and if you sit at the counter, Lisa will most likely give you samples of whatever she has in the oven.

Aposto feels like the sort of place you save for special occasions, but I’m hoping to stop by during the week and sit on their wraparound porch. It’s a such a charming little establishment, nestled in the midst of Sherman Hill’s iconic neighborhood.

Obviously, everyone and their mother knows I like going to St. Kilda — it’s dependable and bright — so no surprise that I’m really feeling St. Kilda Surf + Turf‘s menu for the week. I mean, come on, zucchini fritters and red snapper?

And finally, while I’m sort of embarrassed to mention Ankeny twice, Wasabi did just open their new branch in the District and they’ll be featuring a specialty menu this week, too. The space is cosmopolitan (albeit, still in Ankeny) and I’ve never had a bad meal at any of their locations.

Where are you going? Anything I need to try? Foodie, assemble in the comments below.