the size of your following doesn't matter


It matters way less than you’d think…

So many of the opportunities that come my way don’t make much sense when you look at how many followers I have on Instagram, Facebook, and even on this site. Don’t get me wrong: people do follow me, but it’s not hundreds of thousands. I have a small-sized following, but they’re very engaged with my content.

I remember applying for my first press pass and the publicist literally told me, “Don’t worry about your numbers — your content is good and that’s what matters.”  I didn’t understand that back then (I thought she was just being nice) but I understand now: content is king.

If the content you’re churning out is good, you‘ll attract a following. Maybe not right away, but as you sharpen your skills, people will eventually acknowledge what you’re doing. So my best advice is to ignore your numbers and instead focus on the quality of your content. The rest will follow in due time. You may never reach one million, but you don’t really need to reach that many people to make an impact. In my opinion, what you want is a small audience that’s deeply engaged.