drawing in space exhibit


There's the coolest thing happening at the Des Moines Art Center and I really think you should make plans to visit. It's called Drawing in Space and it's an interactive exhibit made entirely of tape. It takes up an entire room and - wait for it - you get to climb up INTO IT AND CRAWL AROUND. 

Over the course of a few weeks, the tape was strung across the room and built into tunnels. In my opinion, the end product resembles a spider web. The whole thing  feels very sci-fi, almost like you're inside of a spaceship or something. I already think museums/art centers feel futuristic, but this exhibit takes it to a whole other level!

The line can get long, so I suggest going during the week when it's quiet. Based on the lines, though, I think Des Moines folks have an appetite for this sort of thing. It's fun, kid-friendly, and super interactive. Remember Luminarium? It's like that...but with tape. Make plans to go! It's totally free.