Johnnyswim at Wooly's

Did you get to see Johnnyswim when they came to town?

Believe it or not, I actually went to the concert with my parents! My parents are basically the coolest. We made a night out of it and went here for dinner and then headed downtown for the show. And what a show it was, guys! Read my interview with them here.

This was my third time seeing Johnnyswim and each time they charm me with their songs and witty, flirty banter. Last time they came through Des Moines, it was small crowd (maybe seventy people in total) but word is out and this audience was standing room only.

 I'll always be thankful I made it to that smaller show back in 2014, though. It made me feel like a real fan. #aheadofthecurve 

My favorite moment of the night was towards the end when Abner and Amanda descended from the stage and came to sing among us mortals. People turned on their cell phone lights and as the duo sang, I could their faces glisten with sweat. It was enchanting and magical and they were close enough to touch. After a couple of songs, they ascended back to that stage and the show was over.

I'm so glad they were able to stop in Des Moines! This year is going to be full of great music and I'm excited to experience as much as I can. Up next: the Lumineer's

all photos by Liz Brown