Des Moines native talks with National Center for Arts Research


Earlier this week, Zachary Manheimer spoke with National Center for Arts Research about Des Moines' cultural scene.

Zachary Manheimer is the man who started Des Moines Social Club and now he travels around the Midwest helping communities expand their cultural offerings. Just this week he spoke with the National Center for Arts Research about Des Moines and its bustling arts scene - obviously I was super into this article. I always enjoy seeing my city receive its due credit. This quote resonated with me the most,

"I believe in America’s second, third and fourth cities. Indeed, if you are an artist and your goal is not fame and money and instead you are working to make a significant change in the world, in your own lifetime, the last place you should be is a major city. Des Moines is a place to pioneer."

You can read the rest of his guest post by clicking here. In my mind, Zachary is one of the forerunners in our city. He paved the way for many of the things we're seeing happen right now. Thanks for keeping us cool, Zachary.