the kingdom choir in ames

The Kingdom Choir went viral with their enthralling performance of the classic ballad ‘Stand By Me’ and now they’re headed on tour and making a stop right here in Iowa. Tickets to their Monday, October 7th performance at Stephens Auditorium are available right here.

Per their publicist,

The Kingdom Choir is a group of singers from the South East area of England, who've made a name for themselves with their inspirational take on a mix of gospel classics and popular contemporary hits led by conductor Karen Gibson. As one the UK’s most notable and experienced gospel facilitators, Karen has conducted gospel workshops around the world and been nominated for Best Contribution to Gospel Music at the GMA’s and the music category of the 2015 Wise Woman Awards.

Personally, I think it’s super cool that the same group who sang to Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex will be singing to us. What an honor, right? If I were you I’d suggest grabbing dinner at the Cafe and then heading to the show. Sounds like an ideal evening!