my podcast addiction

For long stretches of time, I'll forgot that podcasts are even a thing. Between Instagram, VSCO, and Gmail, my phone often has no room for additional apps (unless I want to spend time deleting pictures. Which I've been known to do...) But then I'll hear about a new interview on Fresh Air  and I get sucked right back in.  There are way too many podcasts to chose from, so below I've listed a few that I've enjoyed. List is after the jump.

  • Serial by Sarah Koenig is the podcast that caught everyone's attention last year. It was a zeitgeist moment and really helped elevate the podcast to a more respected form media. I haven't listened to any of season two, but season one is stellar. It's like listening to a real life episode of Law and Order or the Wire.

  • Fresh Air with Terry Gross needs no introduction. Terry is a master interviewer and the only person who rivals her ability to interview a guest is Oprah herself. Terry asks the questions you wish others would.
image via my Instagram

image via my Instagram

  • After the Jump is definitely geared more towards female artists, but I find her insights to be applicable to anyone involved in artistic/entrepreneurial activities. Host, Grace Bonney, is the founder of Design*Sponge and it's easy to see why she's been so successful with her site. Her curiosity is deep and her questions are very well-rounded. If you're starting a new business, exploring new creative outlets, or wanting to broaden your knowledge of the design world - this podcast is for you. Sadly, they stopped producing new episodes at the end of 2014, but the interviews are still very topical.

  • The Moth is a hit-or-miss. Sometimes I turn it off midway because the stories aren't grabbing my interest, but then other times I'm riveted. The concept is simple: a live audience, in different cities throughout the country, listen to someone share a personal story. It can be a sad story, a tale of romance, or a fond memory. I'd love to go to a show in person someday. (p.s. it's coming to Des Moines!)

  • Sounds Good with Brandon Harvey is my most recent favorite. This is a great time to dive in, too, because it's new and only six episodes have been released. Boy, what a great run he's had so far! Each guest has been entertaining (you get the feeling any of them would be fun on a road trip) and I've learned something from each of them. His podcast is fun, but it's also packed with substance.