monthly distractions

Where is this year going? I can't believe it's April next week. This month was good, though. I had a friend visit one morning and I made breakfast (#winningateverything), I took a trip to IKEA for apartment necessities, and now I'm re watching the first season of Fargo.

After the jump are some links I enjoyed this month. See you back here soon! 

1. I STILL haven't seen Fuller House, but I'll make time for it soon. Meanwhile, the absence of the the Olsen twins made me think of this clip from Ellen from a few years back. 

2. Zootopia has 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. (p.s. I saw it and loved it. In my opinion, Disney is entering into another creative renaissance.)

3. The latest Star Wars will be available to watch at home soon. In the meantime, enjoy this mashup of your favorite characters featured within the title sequence of HBO's True Detective

4. It's springtime over on Pleasant Street. Have I mentioned how much I love this blog? 

5. And we'll end on a high note! Remember Lucy? She recently had her home remodeled. Check it out

image via  Tumblr

image via Tumblr