local reads

I'm glad to see our online community is beginning to grow here in Des Moines. The more the merrier! I think a diverse choir of online voices only strengthens our city's creative scene, don't you? Check out the links below. Each one of these sites is worth your time, trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong? Don't answer, just read.

  1. Emily over on Pleasant St. went to Kansas at the beginning of the year and I find myself reading her "mini guide" often. A) Because there aren't many good guides to Kansas City and B) I really want to take a weekend trip down there. If I do go, you can bet I'll use her blog as reference. Read that whole post here.

Honestly, Emily's blog is my favorite local site. It's relaxing to read, full of outrageously good iPhone pictures, and (in my opinion) Des Moines' premiere lifestyle blog. Read it! Prediction: in ten years, Emily and Zachary will be selling a trendy line of travel essentials at Target. 

  2. Fern's another local blog that I've started checking in on every week or so. It's run by husband and wife duo, Austin and Lauren Day. He's a professional photographer and she's a stylist, so it's really a match made in Heaven. I enjoyed this post about sofas under $1000. 

  3. Do you follow Cassandra? I haven't met her in real life, but that'll change soon. Her blog is inviting and warm and full of recipes and beautiful photography. She's actually speaking (along with Austin and Lauren) at Go Blog Social next month. Way cool, right?

  4. This series right here really inspired me. I stumbled upon it just as I was beginning to explore Des Moines and it really reinforced my belief that Des Moines was special and full of talented, creative folk.

Justin's a crazy talented photographer and based on this particular series, he's also a really good writer. He doesn't blog per se, but his art has a meaningful quality to it that I think makes it required viewing. Check out his IG, too.

Did I miss anyone? I'm online quite often and try to read what the cool kids are reading, but it's easy to miss stuff. Any new local voices out there on the Web I should take note of? Comment below! Talk soon.