RENT is Back!

Sitting in the audience last night, I was surrounded by people who'd obviously seen RENT several times. Halfway through the show, the woman next to me was crying and the couple behind me were quietly processing a death that had just occurred on stage. 

It was my first time seeing it and the whole experience was weirdly moving even for me. It's no mystery why this show has had such a lasting influence! I honestly can't think of another show I've been to that elicited such a response from the audience, the people on stage felt like less actors and more like old friends we hadn't seen in a long time. The show's three hour production time flew by and I already want to go back. 

RENT is one of the eternal staples of Broadway music and there are many reasons why: it's progressive, charismatic, and inhabits a very specific time and place in American pop culture. And who doesn't love bolting out the chorus to "Seasons of Love?"

If you're a fan, you're in luck! The production is back in Des Moines and here for just three nights. You can find ticket information by clicking here. Instead of shopping or binge-watching Friday Night Lights, why not go to the theater?

I really admire how art can change people's perspective. Art is so powerful! You may not agree with something, but if you bring art into the equation, things can quickly change. It's safe to say this show has helped shaped many people's minds on many different subjects. 

The production will be in town Friday, November 25th thru Sunday, November 27th and you have five chances to see them during that time. What a way to welcome in the holiday season, right?