a highly caffeinated comedy

I went to Triple Espresso last night. My review is below if you'd like to read.

During the show's intermission, I noticed half the crowd get up and head to the bar. I don't blame them! This is one of those shows where the cast on stage interacts with the audience in their seats. It's Heaven for extroverts and some kind of theatrical purgatory for everyone else.

But the tension is nothing a good, stiff drink can't overcome! 

Back in 2002, Triple Espresso premiered in Des Moines and became an unexpected hit and now it's celebrating in 750th performance. It's easy to see why this show has resonated with a (mostly older) audience: it's fairly quirky, kind of corny, and very boisterous. The story is somewhat haphazard but centers on three men who experience on embarrassing episode on live television and try to recover from it. 

It's one of those shows where the reaction of the audience to the on-stage antics really makes or breaks the experience. My fellow seatmates laughed their heads off and it made the show much more memorable. 

From now until January 7th, you have many, many chances to catch the show down at the Temple. Tickets can be found here

While this wasn't by any means the funniest thing I've ever seen, you have to give props to three dudes willing to get on stage and elicit endless laughter from a full house of paying guests. And it was a full house, folks! It was also a very family-friendly show, so I think this is the perfect opportunity to expose the kiddos to some theater. Hope you can make it! 

p.s. they do let you bring in your coffee from the Starbucks downstairs. #winning