down the digital rabbit hole


Every other month or so, I become obsessed with an individual or brand. The obsession lasts about two weeks, during which I learn everything I can about my subject. It's like Anthropology 101 with a personal twist. 

Pharrell Williams, Jenna Lyons, Mary Kate + Ashley Olsen, Shake Shack, and the New York Times' Sunday Routine series have all been recent obsessions. Each embodies something that I admire and each seems to fill a particular void in the creative world. 

They're aren't copycats.

If anything, they're the ones being copied.

It's funny because I can always tell when an obsession is about to begin - I read one article or see a particular quote and IT BEGINS. It's like a digital rabbit hole and there's no telling when it'll end. But thanks to this digital phenomenon, I've discovered many people and learned a lot about things I wouldn't of otherwise.  

This month I'm interested in the following: Everlane's Michael Preysman, San Francisco's Color Factory, and Taylor Swift. Who knows where this will go.....