Here in Des Moines, Restaurant Week is close at hand and I couldn't be more excited. Des Moines + food = endless possibilites.


Photo courtesy of Liz Brown

Confession: I've actually never participated in this event before! I guess I was waiting for a group of foodies to go with, but I'm kind of determined to just go solo and sample the menus on my own. Any suggestions for where I should go?

Restaurant Week (which actually runs nine days - weird) starts Friday, August 18 and ends Sunday, August 27. This is its tenth year of operation and the deals are, per usual, crazy good! Each participating restaurant offers two lunches or one three-course dinner for a total of $28. It's the perfect time to try out that new place you've been hearing about! 

Old faithfuls like Proof and Alba are on the list, but so are places like Reed's Hollow and Harbinger, so there's quite a few stellar options. I've actually never been to Alba, so this seems like a good excuse to go. I'm also kind of interested in trying Aposto, which I've only been to once, back when it was still Cafe Di Scala. I remember loving the neighborhood specifically. 

Okay, remember: if you have suggestions for where I should go, you can leave a comment below. I LOVE FOOD RECOMMENDATIONS.