Sammy Walsh (My Midwest is Showing)

Sammy Walsh

Sammy Walsh is the founder of My Midwest is Showing, a Milwaukee-based site that features interviews with Midwest folk. Sound familiar? Sammy's site and my own share many similarities and it just goes to show that the Midwest is just as cool as you think. Read my interview with her below and (if you missed it) you can read her interview with me right here.    

You recently moved back to the Midwest after spending time in New York City. Has it been difficult to adjust to a slower paced lifestyle?

    I like that my life has more balance in the Midwest – I’m able to work a full time job, go home and cook dinner, clean my house, work on my website, freelance, and pursue my interest in real estate. I was going full speed ahead in New York and entirely immersed in my career. It was exhausting, and I was so focused on getting ahead that every other area of my life felt a little unfulfilled and neglected.

The job options here aren’t quite as glamorous, the shopping leaves something to be desired, and the culture is entirely different, but that’s what’s so great about the internet – I’m able to shop to my heart’s content and connect with people who have the same interests as me on a regular basis. 

What are some common misconceptions about living in New York City?

    There are two different ways of looking at NYC that I hear about most often: It’s dirty, too crowded, dangerous, and the people are mean, or it’s super glamorous and like living in a TV show or movie. I would agree that New York is dirty, but it’s part of the charm. Also, if you’re in an area that’s too crowded, you’re probably surrounded by fellow tourists. You need to find yourself a local that will show you the best parts of the city.

New York is a city of constant juxtapositions. One day you’re at Soho House hanging out with a Jonas brother, and then the next day getting spit on by a homeless man. It’s a lot of work to live here, but nothing can compare. The opportunities are endless, creativity is everywhere, and everyone who’s there knows just how lucky they are to live in New York, so they take full advantage of it always.

Why did you start My Midwest is Showing?

    Since I still feel a little out of touch with everything going on in the Midwest, I spend a lot of time researching – what’s the best store for this, what events are happening this weekend, etc. I never found a site that spoke to Midwestern people and all of their cool accomplishments, so I decided to start one. Basically, it’s a way for me to figure out who’s who in the Midwest, and I decided to bring everyone with me.

The Midwest doesn’t get a lot of love in the media – it’s always about what’s happening on the East or West coasts. Growing up here, I’ve always found this to be incredibly annoying, and I find it even more annoying now. People in the Midwest are doing seriously cool things – there’s so much talent and intelligence and creativity floating around – and I want to talk about it and shed a spotlight on these people. 

What's on the docket for this summer - going anywhere fun?

    I moved back to Wisconsin in the middle of last summer and immediately starting working on the house my husband and I bought, so we didn’t have much time to relax and enjoy all the best parts of a Wisconsin summer.

We plan on staying pretty close to home and fixing up our backyard so we can spend more time outside. I would love to plan some weekends away to Chicago, Minneapolis, and Des Moines though, so we’ll have to make time for some quick trips! It’s going to be a very Midwestern summer, and I’m very excited about that.

Photos 2, 3, and 6 are courtesy of College Fashionista