Spoon and Stable Dinner Series

Have you heard about this dining series that Spoon and Stable is hosting up in Minneapolis? I've already made plans to visit! More info after the jump. 

After watching Chef's Table obsessively, I became enamored by food and how some chefs are more artists than cooks. After watching an episode about Chicago's Grant Achatz, I went online and discovered he was going to be in Minneapolis this April! More importantly, I could actually afford to eat his food for once.

Normally tickets to his restaurant, Alinea, are $500 or more and tickets to his dinner at Spoon and Stable are already sold out. But when he visits this spring, there will be items on the bar menu at normal, everyday prices. I'm literally driving up to Minneapolis to order everything he has to offer on their bar menu. 

Throughout 2017, they will be hosting three other chefs from around the country. It's such a great opportunity to sample these chef's works. I'm particularly excited for Dominique Crenn in December because I've watched her Chef's Table profile twenty times. 

You can check out the whole lineup here. I'm also excited to visit Minneapolis because I haven't been since I was, like, nine, and blogger friends keep writing about how cool it is!