dispatches from the cubicle


The radio silence on the site is due to the fact that I'm currently working two jobs. It's not overwhelming or really even that crazy, but it definitely leaves me feeling good and tired at night. 

The new gig at Des Moines Performing Arts has been going really well. I have to give myself pep-talks in the elevator, but I'm pretty sure that will eventually pass. I was rereading one of my favorite books and the author said if you didn't feel stressed at your job than you're either underemployed or overconfident. So I guess I'm right where I should be :)

I'm learning all sorts of things about marketing, publicity, and interoffice communication. I don't feel like I know any of my coworkers yet, though, and I don't do well in environments when I feel "unknown." At the end of the day, I blame the cubicles! They make it difficult to initiate those off the cuff conversations that I usually thrive at starting, but I'm slowlyyyyy making in-roads with people.

For example, I've been dropping off Hy-Vee bakery items at the break room (stuff like cinnamon rolls and their cherry doughnut holes) and (you know me) I think feeding people is the easiest way to love them. So when I see that the carton is empty, I feel like I'm doing something right. Whether or not anyone else understands why I do it, I know I'm aligned with my values. And that feeling of living in harmony with my values is something that I'm coming to cherish more and more. With big things (like relationships) and small things (like cinnamon rolls).

Like I've said a bunch of times on here and in-person with friends, I think this is a great, great time to be working at DMPA. Hamilton is coming later in the summer and the place is ABUZZ. And even though I barely know anyone, I do overhear a lot of conversations and everyone is very chatty and chill. That's another weird thing about cubicles: you don't really recognize faces, but you do start to recognize voices. And the conversations I overhear only strengthen my initial first impressions: I like it here and these are my sort of people. Well, that's all for now.

p.s. there aren't tickets available for Hamilton right now, but.....at some point, there's going to be a lottery for tickets (similar to how they've done it in New York) and when I know more and have been given approval, I'll tell you all about it.