the answer comes when we consider what pressure is


Local artist, Jami Milne, has just installed her latest piece down at Des Moines Social Club and it feels both timeless and relevant all at once. Instead of describing the piece myself, I'll let the artist do the honors:

"One hundred and sixty-four people will never again see another birthday. There will never be another party, song or cake. Not another whisper of “Did you make a wish?” No more laughter. No more gifts. Not another birthday balloon purchased in their honor.

The collection of these 164 balloons represent 164 lives taken by school shootings.* Over the course of the installation, we’ll witness the anthropomorphic quality the balloons possess — the loss of helium akin to the loss of life."

Jami will be hosting an artist's talk about her latest work on Thursday, March 8th. The link to that event is here. If you can't attend, you can also read more about the thought process behind the work on her site here. The exhibit is up through Sunday, March 18th.