Kesha In Des Moines


This year’s lineup at 80/35 hasn't really grabbed my attention, but there’s one performer I’m really interested in seeing…

Once upon a time, Kesha symbolized all that was wrong with pop culture. She was vapid, self-centered, and somehow always looked very sweaty. Seriously, the girl always glistened and it wasn't just the glitter she seemingly showered in every morning.

But with her latest album (and recent lawsuit) she's undergone a sort of reckoning and her music has taken on new depth and meaning. Gone are the days of brushing her teeth with hard liquor; now she's singing about redemption, forgiveness, and, yes, even prayer.  

She'll be performing at 80/35 on day two and I imagine it'll be pretty bonkers. Tickets per day are $52.00 and can be found here.