thoughts on dinner six

Two days ago was our dinner in partnership with ballet des moines and I have all sorts of thoughts…

Dinner Six was hosted in the Wilkins Building and it was the ideal space for this sort of event. The ground-level room where we hosted was still under construction, but the work-in-progress vibe worked to our advantage. Once I knew the ballet was going to perform, I worked hard to secure this space because I knew the enormity of it would create something spectacular.

Jami Milne put together a seasonal photo booth (with homemade crowns!) and the pictures from it are beautiful and warm. She was even kind enough to print off a picture for each guest, so that they had something physical to bring home with them. A token, if you will.

The event couldn’t have gone better, which is funny, because as we were sitting up I worried the space wasn’t decorated enough. It was so big and so empty, I worried that guests would feel lost. But I also had this sense that the table would act as anchor and as long as it looked good, it was all going to work. It did just that. Thanks, Ren!

Our plan is to host four more dinners next year, as well as a series of new events at a lower price point. I’m looking forward to gathering around the table even more in 2019. Salud!