be content with your content

I’ve been receiving quite a few emails lately asking for my opinion on brand’s and their digital content. I’m honored that people are seeking me out and I think it’s another example of why it’s important to have a consistent presence online.

I’ve been working in digital media for the past five years and I’ve learned a lot about the sort of content people gravitate towards and how important it is to have a strong personality behind what you post. I’ve learned enough that I’m ready share it.

I believe that if your brand is using bad content than your brand is telling a bad story. But if your brand is using good content, it’s telling a good story and most likely, it’s creating buzz, engagement, and profit. If you own a business that’s active online, you should ask yourself: what sort of story are we telling? All it takes is a lazy caption or a badly-lit photograph to communicate a negative narrative. In 2019, there’s no excuse! Your brand should be telling a compelling, well articulated story.

As I like to say: you should be content with your content.

I’m a connector by nature. I connect people to one another and I do it really well. I want to leverage this talent with brands because most don’t have enough time (or enough manpower) to do it themselves. They need someone to connect the dots and someone to network on their behalf — I’m that guy. Interested? You contact me using the form on the top right and we’ll set up a consultation. Easy as that!

Say hello to my new business venture.