hashtag goals


This post is more for me than for you. These are my goals for 2019. I write them here publicly in order to easily reference them. I think having a list helps make goals more tangible and hopefully, makes them easier to cross off!

  1. HOST FOUR DINNERS: Around the Table is gearing up for another stellar year. Our seventh event is almost sold out and our eighth and ninth events are being planned as I type. In the past, I’ve touched on my belief in the importance of the table on an individual level, but I’m beginning to think about how the table can impact the community at-large, as well. If all goes as planned, you’ll understand what I mean by this time next year. .

  2. VISIT MEXICO: Some of my dearest friends are from Mexico and they’ve told me so much about it! Plus, Bon Appetite is always proclaiming Mexico City to be one of the “best cities for food”. I often revisit cities — New York, Seattle, Chicago — and I really want to see new sights this year. Why not Mexico City? I love tamales, museums, and pyramids just as much as the next guy.

  3. READ MORE: On January 1 I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my iPhone. I already feel more present, more alert, and more at peace. I’ve also been ready A LOT because there is nothing else to do! I’m deep into this book and just wrapped this one up!

  4. SAVE MORE: The thesis of Rich Dad, Poor Dad was that while the middle class works for their money, the rich have their money work for them. It took me awhile to grasp that concept, but the book did a good job of thoroughly explaining the idea and the ways of achieving it. Yesterday, I opened my first savings account (I knowww) and already have plans to….

  5. GIVE AWAY $1000: Another central tenet of that book was generosity. The author literally says that if you’re feeling tight on cash that you should GIVE MONEY AWAY TO SOMEONE. So I’m going to do just that. I’m not sure how to give away that much money over a year’s time, but how hard can it be to find people who need money?! Do you have an idea that needs some financial sponsorship? Let’s talk.

Those are my top five and while I have other, less-important goals — cook more, learn how to make a signature cocktail, become the Midwest version of Marcel Floruss — I would say these are the ones I’m actively focusing on and intend to accomplish in 2019. Let’s do this!