around town

In case you don't subscribe to my newsletter, I thought I'd share a couple events with you that I think you should know about. I love this time of year: better movies, better music, and better cultural offerings! Also sweaters! Okay. Details below.

  • The Des Moines Art Center is hosting an exhibit focusing on the works of Vivain Maier starting Saturday, September 17th. I was a huge fan of the documentary focusing on the reclusive nanny/photographer and am very excited to attend this exhibit. The staff at the center will be hosting a ton of lectures and tours, so check out their website here for all the deets. 
  • From Friday, September 16th thru Sunday, September 18th, the Court Avenue Bridge will be closed for the World Food Festival. It's a really cool event and the pricing is such that it's easy to eat a variety of food without spending a variety of money :) Details on their site here. I'm going Friday afternoon to beat the crowds. They used to host it in the Village, but now it's on the bridge and tends to get crowded fast.
  • Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance? Well, if you're a fan, the winner of the 2015 season - Gabi Diaz - will be headlining an event on Thursday, October 13th at 7:30pm. I feel kinetic and energetic just typing about it! Jim Nowakowski from season twelve will also be performing. Should be fun! Info right here.
  • And DSM Girl Gang needs your help collecting feminine hygiene products for local women shelters. Their goal is 25,000 products in total and I don't think it's impossible at all. Click here for more.  Gotta love the Gang!

And finally, don't forget about Luminarium, guys! Honestly, I've read a lot about it, but I think we all just need to go and experience it. Okay, now you have zero excuses for a boring weekend. Get out there! Later.