This past week, the guys over at Made in DSM did a profile on me (you can read that here) and I found the entire experience very cathartic. 

Being asked questions about your life forces you to construct life events into a sort of narrative. At a party recently, I was asked some general questions about my life and in answering their questions, I realized I still brought up where I was born. Why?! How does my birthplace have any bearing on the man that I am today? It doesn't at all. 

After that conversation, I decided that I needed to be more focused when answering questions about myself. In general, when people ask you about your life, they're wanting to know who you are today and not, obviously, where you were born.

Between that conversation and this interview feature, I've been thinking about a more thoughtful response to those "who are you" questions that we all get asked so frequently. And while I don't have a firm answer yet, I know that the next time someone asks me about myself, I'm not reverting to "Oh, I was born in Colfax..." Slowly and surely, I'm working on crafting the narrative of my life.